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Creating your online profile

Do I need a website?

The "Smart" age is definitely upon us, everything we use day to day seems to have access to the internet so why isn't your business on it? How many of us just turn up at a business without using the internet to check them out first? Well there is 2.9 BILLION google searches made EVERY DAY, how many of those are searching for details of your business? If you can control what is said about your business online then why wouldn't you, take the control and publish what YOU want people to know about your business.

Do you want a website to sell your products? or just to give them their own online presence? Well here's a mindblowing stat for you, digital interactions influenced retail sales to the tune of $2.2 trillion in 2015. If anyone says you and your business shouldn't go online then going by the stats they would be wrong. "Online retail sales in the UK reached an estimated £52.25 BILLION in 2015, with the average shopper spending £1174.

Afraid to take the jump online? Well that's why we are here, we will make it easy to get you started and we think it could be the best decision you will make.